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Niš Airport



Konstantin Veliki Airport Niš

YU TIM RENT A CAR, guided by its business strategy focused on providing exceptional service, made a decision to expand its network of branches a few years ago, starting from Serbia and reaching out to the region. As part of that decision, a branch was opened at Konstantin Veliki Airport in Niš in 2017, which is of great importance due to its proximity to Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade.

In addition to the existing branches at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade and Konstantin Veliki Airport in Niš, we plan to open new branches in Kraljevo and Novi Sad. We also have the initiative to expand at a regional level, including airports in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece.

Prima Lux Apartments

As an additional quality service to our clients, apart from car rentals, we offer Apartment Accommodation in PRIMA LUX apartments in the city center of Niš.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer and rent a car with an incredible discount of up 50% on accommodation in one of our apartments.

Enjoy comfort and favorable conditions, combining your journey with an unforgettable stay.