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Key conditions for renting a vehicle

For all basic insurance options, including Medium (SCDW) and Premium (PCDW), it is necessary to provide a police report in case of any incidents. It is important to note that insurance does not cover tires, glass, parts underneath the vehicle, or the interior of the vehicle. Additionally, the insurance will not be valid if the client operates the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they have committed a traffic violation such as running a red light, and so on.

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Theft Waiver (TW)
  • Airport surcharge
  • Tax

The minimum age for drivers is 21 years, and the maximum age is 70 years. For standard, luxury, and premium vehicles, drivers must be at least 27 years old and hold a valid driver’s license for a minimum of five years.

The driver must present a full and valid driver’s license held for a minimum of 2 years without major endorsements. Additionally, a valid ID card or passport will be required upon pickup. Domestic driver’s licenses issued in the USA, Canada, and Australia are accepted without an International Driver’s License (IDL).

An International Driver’s License or a certified translation is mandatory if the driver’s license is not in English/Roman script. The International Driver’s License or certified translation must accompany the original domestic driver’s license. The following documents must be presented upon vehicle pickup: ID card or passport, driver’s license, and proof of residential address, excluding postal codes, which can be provided through “utility bills” such as electricity bills.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This is included in your rental amount.

Collision Damage Waiver reduces the customer’s liability for damage to the excess/deductible amount.

This is included in your rental amount. It reduces the financial liability of the client for loss or theft of the vehicle to the excess value. The excess for TW depends on the vehicle groups.

There are two (2) additional insurance options available at the rental counter to reduce liability.

Option 1 – Medium Insurance:
Reduces the liability to a small manageable amount. The maximum charge is for 15 days.

Option 2 – Premium Insurance: Reduces the liability to ZERO except for premium and luxury vehicles. Option 2, a refundable deposit ranging from 250 to 2400 euros will be held on the credit card.

  1. In case the vehicle keys are lost or stolen, a fee of 300 euros will be charged.
  2. You are responsible for all parking fines, other penalties, and the loss of vehicle keys/documents incurred during the rental period The rental office will pass on the relevant costs, including any administrative fees.
  3. In case of document loss, a fee of 150 euros will be charged.
  4. For incorrect fuel usage, there will be a charge of 800 euros.

*** Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited. If the client smokes in the vehicle, a fee of 100 euros will be applied.

Roadside assistance is provided free of charge. If the breakdown is due to user error or negligence, an additional fee will be charged depending on the situation.
Relevant contact details and roadside assistance procedures will be provided prior to the start of the rental.

The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank. Otherwise, a refueling fee will be charged upon return.

Fuel costs are paid at the rental counter unless otherwise stated. The supplier’s fuel policy may change from time to time, so please confirm at the rental counter.

Note: The vehicle must be refueled within a radius of 10 to 12 km from the return station, and the renter must present a receipt from a gas station to confirm that the vehicle was returned with the same fuel level.

Unlimited mileage.

Cross-Border Travel

Crossing borders is allowed with prior written approval from the rental car agency.

Crossing the borders is not allowed to the territories of Kosovo, Albania, and Ukraine.

If the client is traveling to Macedonia, they must have a green card for the vehicle, and a green card fee of 40 euros will apply.

If the client crosses borders without notifying the rental company, they will be responsible for any additional costs and any potential damages.

The tax is included in the rental price. However, for any optional extras, special equipment, or additional services, taxes may be calculated separately.

Payment Methods and Deposit

Only Visa, American Express, and MasterCard credit cards are accepted, and they must be in the name of the main driver when paying at the rental counter.

Cash payments are also accepted.

A refundable deposit ranging from 500 to 3600 euros, depending on the vehicle group, will be held on the credit card until the vehicle is returned.

Delivery and pickup service is available for Belgrade at an additional cost of 36 euros one way.

After-hours service is available at an additional cost of 30 euros per service.

Confirmation of special equipment depends on availability at the rental counter.